Giuseppe Mandile Jewelry: Precious Sculptures

Giuseppe Mandile Jewellery are unique pieces of sophistication design and its style marks a refined totemic aesthetic. Giuseppe Mandile success story start in 1922 and is the result of many years between gold and silver craftmanship. Strong of its own cultural heritage, handed down from one generation to another, the brand is now lead by Giuseppe Mandile, eclectic artisan and designer.

Mandile, with hyperbolic virtuosity, in his laboratory of jewellery that still exists in Naples, in Via Tito Angelini 14, creates jewellery that resemble real sculptures. The unique textures and intricate patterns appeal to an attentive audience, who wants to feel unique, yet demanding the best quality possible. The rigorous craft and details perfection are amazing and actually tangible in his creation.

His collections are a mix of mechanical constructions, asymmetries and abstract aerodynamic artifices that range from armor necklaces and cuff bracelets, to earrings and rings with baroque pearls and hard stones (carnelian, amethyst, green agate, natural quartz, coral and turquoise).

A creative projection of a symbolism that suggests permanence, duration and eternity, wandering a substrate of sublimation towards everything related to the body, to the evolution of the “eternal feminine“.

The new “Galaxìas” line has a perfectly symmetrical parure (necklace, ring, earrings and bracelet) with a dynamic tension construction system. Small inner cores mark it in an intersection with modular curves and orbital interlacings reflecting a centrifugal and centripetal force with a powerful visual impact.

Dynamism and professionalism, in a virtuous circle, have allowed branding to grow, travelling in sync with the development of best practices. Quality certification and know-how: from the process and product innovation to the packaging details. The overall strategic management, together with international marketing communication, in line with the expansion of the business plan, confirm the fast path of the brand towards internationalization. The archetypal power of Giuseppe Mandile’s jewellery represents a must that symbolizes and promises craftsmanship, beside quality.

It is inspired by a character and a particular ideal of beauty and preciousness, aimed at the dreamy woman who loves to be stylish . It feels like she is discovering a treasure and is eager to find more. A “totem” jewel that spread a contagious totalizing dimension in the name of a sparkling femininity that stresses the mission for exclusive elegance.

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by Anna Lorito

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